Retail Management


Its app for retail, You can registered your profile, It has option as preferences like to change password, Select category, Select Vendor, You can select by categories like wallets, fruits, vegetables etc, You can search group by brand, vendor, category etc, There is an procurement management option by which if you enter name or By scanning barcode you can search for category, It also has option to print and refresh categories or groups.

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Its UAE app. This app strives to offer services and loyalty program designed- To support the employees of Ministry of interior in UAE including military personnel/pensioners & civilians. You can search offers by Region/Location/Category, You can search category like car rental/Dining & cafe/Health & Beauty/Hotels/Insurance/Shopping mall, You can find latest deals on restaurant & hotels/popular deals/best seller, It provides services like lease to own program,interest on loans, car insurance,fazaa cards, discounts on program.